Projects and plans

Research Projects

My research interests include the underlying processes that lead to the development of innovative mindsets, the cognitive characteristics of gifted students, knowledge transfer in higher education, as well as the role of AI in fostering optimal learning through sustained motivation. I am  also affiliated with the following research centers: CRIFPE (Centre de Recherche Interuniversitaire sur la Formation et la Profession Enseignante), OBVIA (OBserVatoire international sur les impacts sociétaux de l’IA et du numérique), and SALTISE (Supporting Active Learning and Technological Innovation in Studies of Education).

Upcoming Projects

  • The potential of transferring computational thinking skills in higher education: The role of interdisciplinary contexts in fostering sustainable learning outcomes
    FONDS DE RECHERCHE SUR LA SOCIÉTÉ ET LA CULTURE; Persévérance et Réussite Scolaire (under review)

  • La pollinisation croisée de la pédagogie en enseignement supérieur
    ENTENTE CANADA-QUÉBEC (under review)

Current Projects

  • Étude sur la rétention des étudiants et le profil des finissants dans les programmes aéro (ÉMAM et ÉNA)
    MITACS ACCELERATE: 30,000$ / 1 year

  • Cultivating innovative mindsets: When experimentation becomes a passion (2019-2022)
    SSHRC Partnership Development grant : 199 896 $

Past Projects

  • Challenges associated with the achievement of academic success with an Aboriginal student population in postsecondary education (2016-2018)
    SSHRC Insight Development grant : $61,596

  • “I like to study science, but I do not want to become a scientist”: Using passion as a lens to examine college students’ motivation for engaging in extracurricular activities and pursuing a scientific career” (2016-2018)
    SSHRC (Postdoctoral Fellowship) : $81,000